Retired Labradors

retired labrador remington

Millstream Prince Remington

Remington is our foundation sire. Even at 12 he still loves to retrieve tennis balls. He still occasionally acts like a puppy and he still gets excited when you talk to him about "getting the ball" or “go out to play”. He enjoys running our 2 1/2 acres with the rest of the dogs or just laying by your side. He is my "yard buddy".

Remington is everything the breeders promised me he would be, and more. Wise, loving, faithful, intuitive, even comical sometimes. He is what I’ve always wanted in a faithful companion. These wonderful traits will be passed along through his offspring, our “Stella” and “RJ”.

Remington is retired now and enjoying just checking out the yard and surroundings. He continues to “teach” the young dogs about manners, behavior and the pecking order. He may be 12, but he is still the boss, the pack leader.

Remington claims American Canadian Champion Cedarwood’s Master Gunner as his paternal grandfather, American Canadian Champion Davoeg Silky Beau as his paternal great-grandfather and American Canadian Champion Monarchs Black Arrogance as his great-great grandfather.

We are looking forward to sharing Remy’s “golden years”, sitting in the shade, teaching the “youngins” as they come along about manners and the fine art of retrieving a tennis ball, playing in the pool or just being part of the pack.

Thank you Stephanie Martucci and Roberta Spicer of Bachman Mill Farm for allowing our family this time with this beautiful boy. Remington's Pedigree