Willow Moon Labrador Retriever Breeders

labrador retriever puppies

Willow Moon is a Labrador retriever breeder located in Cleburne, Texas. We are a small, but serious breeder of English style Labrador Retrievers, the blocky, stocky type Lab.

We produce only a few litters a year and in doing so, helps us make sure our puppies are going to loving family homes who are as committed to the well being of the puppy as we are. Keeping the program small also allows us to give each dog in our breeding program, the one on one attention they need and deserve.

All Labradors in our breeding program are AKC registered and must pass OFA hip and elbow evaluations as well as annual CERF eye clearances in order to be considered for breeding. In addition we also do evaluations on shoulders, patellas and their heart as well as PRA, EIC, CNM. We do this to help maintain our high quality standards. We strive to produce intelligent, genetically sound Labrador Retrievers with emphasis on beauty and temperament.

We have recently participated in AKC Hunt Tests and have our first AKC titled dogs. Willow Moon's She's On Fire JH - "Cali" and Willow Moon's Mystic Emotion from Buffalo Creek SH - "Pippa". We are very proud of our girls. We plan to continue participating in Hunt tests as well as exploring other avenues of activities for our Pack.

If you are interested in one of Willow Moon's available Labrador retriever puppies, please fill out the Puppy Questionnaire (PDF) or if you have any questions, please feel free to call or email us.

The difference between English and American Labradors.