Female Labradors

female labrador kenzee

Lady Kensington III

Kenzee is our foundation dam. She wasnít the spunkiest puppy in the bunch, but she wasnít the shyest either. She was watchful of every move we made when we were trying to pick our puppy. I was having a hard time choosing between two puppies. Kenzee reached up and licked my face. Enough said. She lay on my shoulder for the hour and a half ride home. I was hooked.

Kenzee is all grown up now and has become a wonderful companion for us. She will occasionally try to assume that same position she held on the ride home while Iím watching TV in my favorite chair. Sometimes Iíll let her. She loves the water and will occasionally take a dip in the pool. But most of the time sheís by my side keeping me company wherever I am.
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Kenzee's Pedigree

female labrador stella

Princess Stella Odds On

She's built like a brick house. Stella is our first puppy. We've had a lot of fun watching her grow up. Stella was the "babysitter" of Kenzee and Remingtonís second litter. She would play with the puppies allowing Kenzee much needed breaks.

Stella will be having her own litter in the next year and we are looking forward to pairing her with a male that will complement her good looks and temperament. Stella also likes the water and has a strong drive for retrieving.
Stella's Pedigree

female labrador mira

Blackfork's Willow Moon Miracle - Mira

Mira is our Fox Red sweetheart (dark yellow). Full of energy, ready to go and always with a smile on her face. Mira has a nice topline, a beautiful profile, and a great prey drive. She has a nice show pedigree which includes on her sires side: 3xGHRCH Legacy's Atchafalaya Nightmare, CH Trini T's Cozbi Coz O Legacy, HRCH & CH Fairview's Panache by Mandigo JH, CH Franklin's Golden Mandigo and on her dam's side, CH Avalon's Law and Order, CH Avalon's Hell Raiser, CH Saxon's So-Be-It JH, AM CAN CH Huntsdown Valleywood Spice

See more pictures of Mira on our Flickr page.
Mira's Pedigree